Traditional & Eco-friendly Dry Cleaning

Here at Russell’s Cleaning we offer a traditional dry cleaning service as well as a “Green Clean” service for your dry clean only clothing.

The first step of the process is to take care of any spots and stains in our special spotting process where specific agents are used to remove the spot/stain based on the type of spill that caused the problem.  Once this step is complete your clothing moves onto the main phase of dry cleaning.

Our traditional dry cleaning service consists of using a hydrocarbon solvent in a specialized dry cleaning machine that utilizes a two step bath process that ensures your clothes are free of all solvents.  Our established distillation process also guarantees that your clothes are always cleaned with 100% pure solvent.  For those interested in a true “Green Clean” of their clothing, Russell’s offers a wet cleaning process that utilizes a gentle detergent in a machine with specific settings based on the type of fabric used for the item.  The machine uses less water as well as the least amount of agitation necessary for cleaning.  The detergent is designed to reduce the risk of dyes bleeding and is easily rinsed out without leaving a trace.

Once the dry cleaning process is complete, your clothes are then sent to the finishing department.  We use state of the art European Finishing Equipment to steam or press your clothing based on the type and material of the clothing.  After inspection, your clothing is then bagged and assigned a location awaiting your arrival or delivery by us.  You will also receive an automated email when your items are ready to be picked up.