Professional Laundry Service

At Russell’s Cleaning Services we have been providing professional laundry services for both commercial and residential customers since 1930.  All of the laundry products that we use are unscented and bio degradable and are perfectly safe for the environment.  Once your clothes are either picked up or dropped off to us, they are spot cleaned (if needed), then the items are separated based on colors so that any additional brighteners/additives can be added into the cleaning process in order to guarantee that they are as clean and bright as possible.  Starch and sizing can be added as well as to keep your items as crisp as possible.  We can also clean your delicate and antique items by using a gentle hand washing procedure to minimize damage to any fragile items.  When the cleaning process is complete, your items will be finished by either pressing and hanging or folding at your request for travel or storage purposes.  Our pressers can crease your pants and/or shirts at your request for no additional charge.  As an additional courtesy, any broken and/or loose buttons are replaced and/or repaired before being sent to the bagging machine.  Finally, once your items have been bagged and marked ready for pickup, you will receive an automate4d email letting you know that you can pick them up.  Russell’s also offers free once per week pickup and delivery services (click here for more information)