Expert Rug Cleaning & Repair

Russell’s has been professionally cleaning rugs since the 1960’s.  Whether your rug has gotten wet, been neglected, has moth damage, or your pets have had an accident on it, Russell’s can get it clean.  The basic cleaning process can be used to clean any rug although some rugs require different cleaning solutions and a more gentle cleaning process.  The first step to our cleaning process is to use a dry particulate dusting process on both sides of the rug to remove loose debris using an air compressor.  Then the rug is hosed down and cleaned on both sides using a special biodegradable detergent and a soft bristle rotary scrubbing machine.  After the rug has been thoroughly rinsed, it is put in our heavy duty wringer to squeeze out all of the excess water.  The final step is to dry the rug by mechanically lifting it into our special dry room that will dry it quickly in order to prevent any mold or mildew from growing.  For rugs that have pet urine on them, we can place it in a special bath to bring the residue to the surface before it is washed and also offer deodorization to minimize any odors.  Russell’s also provides Scotch guard as an additional treatment for  your rugs when needed.


Whether your rug has fringe problems, insect damage, holes or needs re-serging, Russell’s can get it taken care of.  We can provide in house repairs as well as delicate hand work repairs through our Textile Repair Specialist.  All rugs should be cleaned before having any repairs for the best results.


Did you know that Russell’s sells rug pads?  We offer four different kinds of padding to help protect your rugs and provide anti-slip properties when needed.  We can special cut one for any size rug usually within a couple of days.  Just give us a call for a quote.